It's been a ride!

Gosh it's been forever since I last wrote on here. I had many incredible plans to write and share my journey.. but here I am, over ONE YEAR later just sitting down to write. I'll try my best to keep this a more regular thing, because I know it helps. It means you get a little insight into who I am as a person and it provides that personal aspect to the business. I am more than just a business. I am a mum, a wife, a daughter, a person, a human.

So what's been happening? Well Tommy came. Our little bundle of energy. He is about to turn ONE in 6 weeks! WTH! We are pregnant again.. (YAY) and I've been very very VERY sick!

But hidden amongst the daily trips to the toilet, a bush or really anywhere to empty my stomach (hello morning sickness) .... I have been reflecting a lot on my business and what I want for it.

Years ago I envisioned myself being a traveling wedding photographer, capturing weddings all over the world. In some ways, I did. I have been lucky enough to capture weddings and engagements in NZ, the USA and here in Australia. It has been such a rush and I have loved it.

But after having Tommy, something shifted. I started to long for a bit of a slower life. I began to notice the beauty in the every day. I started to notice the fields, the paddocks, the way the light hits my little lambs running around. Things seemed different.

That me thinking. It's the moment by moment, day to day things that light me up. It's those little smiles your baby gives you first thing in the morning, or the way they wrap their chubby little fingers around your thumb that brings me the biggest joy. It's those tiny tiny tiny newborn feet that make my heart melt.

So I decided to turn my attention to what lights me up. Newborns and Families.

2023 is a big year for the Trickey Family, so I don't want to spend my time chasing something that doesn't really give me joy and takes me away for hours from my beautiful family.

Instead I want to focus on the little things in life and in business.

Things like: the sweet sweet wind smile from newborn.. The big stretch when they wake up. The way they stare wide eyed at you. The snuggles. The way your toddlers brings you a flower, or tries to feed you their toast.

I want to focus on capturing the way your kids laugh together. Their giggles. The silliness. I want to focus on the real moments. The day to day life moments. Because THAT is where the memories are held. Those are the photos you hang on the wall and are instantly transported to that moment in time.

You know the photos. The ones where your kids are laughing and giggling and having the time of their life.

I heard a lady speak the other day that she loved "connection over perfection" and that really spoke to me. Because that's life of a mum. We don't have perfect homes, we have mess, stains, toys everywhere, a never ending pile laundry... but in between those moments of imperfection, we have such incredible moments with our loved ones that we just can't ever replace. My kitchen may be a mess, but seeing my little boy, grubby hands and trying to feet the dogs, while laughing is the best feeling ever.

So that's my journey so far this year. This where I am headed and I hope you enjoy coming along for the ride.

Rach x